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The Robot from Space VS The Slime Apocalypse is a topdown, bullet-hell, survival, tower defense game. After crashing down on a unknown planet you must endure the never ending swarm of slimes. To do this, you must mine the local ore and use it to set up a turret defense to protect both yourself and you ship.

Programming and Art by MiltonNh25

Music by XanderT

- 2 different ores to harvest and build with
- 6 different building to defend yourself
- 9 different slime enemies to fight

- WASD to move
- Shift to enter build menu
- Left mouse to harvest/build
- Right mouse to drag build
- Q or E to rotate
- Scroll or 1-6 to select building
- Esc to pause
- F to toggle fullscreen


The Robot from Space VS The Slime Apocalypse LD41.zip 15 MB

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